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Soil nailing is a remedial construction technique applied to the stabilization of unstable soil slopes and retaining walls.

It is a construction method that allows the safe over-steepening of new or existing soil slopes.  Soil nail walls provide a resisting force against slope failures. The process uses grouted, tension-resisting steel elements (nails). Installing passive reinforcement in existing ground is done by installing closely spaced grouted steel bars or sections (nails) and placing a front face support. There is usually a layer of shotcrete applied as a facing material protecting the exposed nail. Afterwards other architectural options can be placed over the shot-Crete, giving an aesthetic finish to the project.

The finished soil nails produce a zone of reinforced ground. Soil nail walls are generally constructed from the top down.

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For over 35 years  GSI  has performed reliable, top quality grouting, soil stabilization and foundation support services helping our client for (in the field of) ground improvement and foundation underpinning.

Common Uses:

  • Stabilize slopes and landslides
  • Support excavations
  • Repair existing retaining walls

soil nailing

Why You Need Soil Nailing

Soil nail walls are used for a number of reasons including:

  • stabilizing slopes and landslides
  • limiting ground settlement
  • providing earth retention systems for deep excavations
soil nailing

Why Choose Soil Nailing?

Soil Nailing offers a viable alternative from the viewpoint of:

  • technical feasibility and easy access to the work area
  • construction costs
  • construction duration
  • less disturbing to neighboring properties

Soil nailing is typically used to stabilize existing slopes or excavations where top-to-bottom construction is advantageous compared to other retaining wall systems.

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GSI offers a full range of geotechnical grouting techniques for ground improvement and foundation repair solutions. We are a trusted specialty contracting firm with over 35 years of experience in the stabilization of existing buildings and the improvement of construction sites.

Our staff of experienced and trained engineers has extensive knowledge and experience in soil engineering. We work with home owners, insurance companies, engineers, and developers on residential, commercial and government projects. GSI projects have ranged from individual single-story homes to multi-story buildings and structures of all types. We work closely with our clients in order to provide effective solutions to their structural soil problems.

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Please contact us regarding questions on soil nailing | slope stabilization.