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 Push Piers systems are made of steel and utilize high-strength round tube sections and a load transfer bracket positioned to stabilize and/or lift sinking and settling foundations.

The push piers system is a permanent, super fast, cost-effective, and year-round solution for any heavy foundation settlement issue. Installation involves hydraulically driving the piers deep into the soil beneath your home or building until competent, load bearing strata or bedrock is reached. They are connected to the foundation footings by a steel bracket in order to permanently stabilize the foundation of your home or building. Push piers use the weight of the structure as the resistance to drive the pier into the ground. Pushed piers are used to lift heavy concrete or block walls.  They should not be used for lifting light structures.

This technique is well-suited for foundation repair in areas where there is a suitable layer of firm competent soil below the structure.

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For over 35 years  GSI  has performed reliable, top quality grouting, soil stabilization and foundation support services helping our client for (in the field of) ground improvement and foundation underpinning.

In many scenarios, push piers not only stop settlement but lift the foundation back to its original position, closing cracks and improving window and door operation.

Piers can be installed inside or outside your foundation walls and are not visible once the repair is complete.

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Settlement problems occur when soil conditions change around or beneath a foundation.

There are numerous signs that indicate foundation problems such as cracks on exterior or interior walls, doors and windows that won’t shut or open, or a chimney that tilts away from a home.

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GSI offers a full range of push pier systems, geotechnical grouting techniques for ground improvement,  and multiple foundation repair solutions. We are a trusted specialty contracting firm with over 35 years of experience in the stabilization of existing buildings and the improvement of construction sites.

Our staff of experienced and trained engineers has extensive knowledge and experience in soil engineering. We work with home owners, insurance companies, engineers, and developers on residential, commercial and government projects. GSI projects have ranged from individual single-story homes to multi-story buildings and structures of all types. We work closely with our clients in order to provide effective solutions to their structural soil problems.

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